Housewife In Lycra Tights

We are back with another hot scene for all you lucky guys. This time we have this hot housewife that just loves posing in her lycra tights. So the other day when she bought herself a new pair she wanted to show you guys how good they fit her and grabbed the camera to take some pictures of her wearing them around the house. This isn’t her first scene, but she did such a good job the last time that we had to have her one more time with her amazing curves in tights. She started walking around the house in her sexy tights showing off her big round ass.

Although she has a certain age that sure doesn’t stop her from bragging with her curves every time she has a chance. If you liked curvy babes in costumes you must visit for more hot updates. Well until next time I’m leaving you with the gorgeous blonde and her amazing curves in those grey lycra tights. Enjoy it and don’t forget to check out the entire picture gallery!

lycra ass

Check out this housewife posing in her sexy lycra tights!